Who welcomes the library guests in Christmas time?

The first fourteen weeks in the Hovedbiblioteket


Since beginning of October, we were asked by our Danish colleagues about Christmas in Switzerland. At the end of October, we helped preparing the Christmas decoration for the library and a lot of shops in the city started decorating and selling Christmassy things. Most of the Danes are very fond of Christmas and they go crazy by buying food and decoration for Christmas time.  You just cannot ignore it and they cannot hide it. Therefore, the topic of our second last blog post is easy to guess: CHRISTMAS in the library!


The Christmas decoration for the library consists of plastic Christmas trees in different sizes, decorations for the trees in red and gold, some wooden Nutcrackers in different sizes, a big wooden sleigh, a mannequin dressed as Santa, glowing stars made out of paper and many things more. Already at the end of October, we helped to cut out “Julekugler” (Christmas bowls) on paper to stick them on the shelves and the library floor. In a second step, we prepared boxes with Christmas decoration for all the branch libraries. Every branch library got a box with a small Christmas tree, some decoration for it, five “Christmas presents” (dummies, just wrapped cardboard boxes) and some of the paper Julekugler to stick on the shelves. The prepared boxes were transported to the branch libraries by the daily book currier. With the sent material, every library can decorate its own small Christmas exhibition to present all the Christmassy literature, music, films and so on, which is available at the library. The Vejgaard branch library worked also together with a local school class to decorate the library. The kids made funny and Christmassy little bits and bobs and putted them into the hidden corners of the shelves.


In the main library there is much more space for exhibitions than in the branches. Means more space for Christmas decoration! Of course, they use all the space they have for Christmas. There are several Christmas spots in the big library hall where fiction and non-fiction stands and the children´s library was not spared from being decorated, too. The biggest spot is placed in the middle of the big hall. Santa stands on his wooden sleigh with many Christmas books, looking wisely and friendly (as every Santa does) down to the guests walking by. The first spot you see is right by the main entrance to the library. There stands a nice Christmas tree with some Christmas books and presents beneath it. In addition, there stands the biggest wooden Nutcracker of all. Since beginning of November and without any prejudice, he welcomes the library guests, seriously eyeing up everyone.


Of course, one can describe all the decorations very detailed with hundreds of words but even then, you will not get it all as it is in reality. For this, you should rather check the gallery where you find some very Christmassy new pictures.


Have a good start into December and a nice Christmassy fortnight!